Iris Valves and Applications

The Concept

The concept of the CADCON Iris Diaphragm Valve is similar to that of the iris of a camera.An aperture through which the material flows is created with a diaphragm. The aperture size is controlled to the extent of diaphragm movement around its own axis. Full closure of opening can be achieved in this design.

Cadel Engineering Works manufactures two basic versions, namely “CADCON Valve Single Lock” (CVSL) Series and the “CADCON Valve Double Lock” (CVDL) Series. These versions can be adapted to various industry applications based on minor changes in valve design.

CADCON Valve Single Lock (CVSL) Series: A cylindrical flexible diaphragm is fitted with flanges at both ends. The flange at the upper end is held stationary while the flange at the lower end is rotated so as to twist the diaphragm. This results in an effective regulating or locking or unlocking arrangement which helps control the flow of material through the diaphragm.

CADCON Valve Double Lock (CVDL) Series: For this design of valves, in addition to the two flanges, an intermediate flange is introduced in the middle of the tubular diaphragm. This ‘middle’ or ‘intermediate’ flange is rotated while the other two flanges remain stationary. Since the middle flange rotates through 180 degrees, there is double locking of the diaphragm. An added advantage of this type of Valves is that the bottom flange being ‘fixed’ or ‘stationary’, the Valve can be easily used in situ for in line equipment. This application helps in continuous operation without stopping upline or down line equipment.